Volume ESWT


Richard Wolf GmbH and ELvation Medical GmbH have developed a linear focused piezo shockwave. The aim was to make the application of focused shockwaves faster, more uniform and more effective. The penetration depth can be adjusted to between 0-30 mm (distally) using gel pads, making the acoustic field optimally adapted to treat larger areas.


The linear focused FBL10x5G2 is a piezo double-layer therapy source with unique geometry and properties. The focal zone (intensity: 10/-6dB zone) has a 3-dimensional volume of 46 mm x 20 mm x 4 mm. In contrast to point-focused therapy sources, the maximum energy flux density of 0.16 mJ/mm² is not only achieved along the central axis but also along the length (y-axis) of the therapy zone. The figure of 5MPa, an important value to measure output in the therapy zone, shows that this therapy source combined with the PiezoWave 2 has set a new, previously unachieved standard:

Pulse energy:
15.45 mJ – this is equivalent to 20 times the pulse energy of the standard point-focused F10G4 therapy source of the PiezoWave²

Therapy area (x y):
170 mm² – this is equivalent to 15 times the therapy area of the standard point-focused piezo F10G4 therapy source of the PiezoWave²

Therapy volume (x y z)*:
2476 mm³ – this corresponds to an increase in volume by a factor of 20-30 compared to the standard point-focused piezo F10G4 therapy source of the PiezoWave²

*Pmax = 11 MPa

Your benefits:

  • Much bigger treatment volumes. Quicker and more uniform applications
  • Optimally adjusted to treat large anatomical sites (tendon insertions, muscles, wounds, corpora cavernosa …)
  • Simultaneous focused shockwave can treat several adjacent areas
  • Simplified administration