PiezoWave² MyACT



The PiezoWave² MYACT is a US-approved, targeted low-energy therapy and massage system with a maximum penetration depth of 20 mm. The PiezoWave² MyACT technology generates low-energy pressure pulses to compress myofascial structures. The procedure is ideal for physiotherapeutic applications as there is no cavitation from shockwaves. Users have the option to choose between point-focused and/or linear focused therapy sources.

MyAct is a new procedure developed for the comprehensive and precise treatment of myofascial pain syndrome. The linear therapy focus (46 mm x 18.5 mm x 4 mm) is particularly suited to treat pathologies where treatment needs to be applied in the direction of the muscle fibers or large areas of tissue require treatment. Linear focused pressure waves are particularly beneficial for the targeted treatment of muscle fiber tears, muscle fascicle tears, muscle tears and myogelosis. Point-focused therapy sources are particularly useful for the diagnosis and localization of trigger points and the associated referred pain.

Examples of treating trigger points

M. Deltoid
M. Gastrocnemius
M. Quadratus Plantae
M. Deltoid
M. Gastrocnemius

Tablet PC Support

ELvation provides support in the form of an ESWT App and a trigger point App for your iPad or Android tablet (available in German and English). With this practical user support we want to ensure that you will continue to receive the latest information on settings, quickly and online.
Together with our partner RB we also provide a detailed App designed especially for trigger point applications. Perfect for treatment support and patient information.
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