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Everyone has the right to high-quality, affordable medical care. This can be achieved by combining technological innovation with process optimization and smart financing models.

In a nutshell

Continual modernization of all medical equipment is an essential aspect of modern medicine. But this costs money. Outdated systems and technologies with rising operating costs are additional drains on financial resources. They slow down procedures and constitute a barrier to improving processes and quality. But providers of medical services need to constantly invest in the latest medical technologies and equipment to attract patients and operate cost-effectively. When hospitals and clinics opt to modernize their medical equipment and technology, outright purchases and other traditional means of financing are increasingly being replaced by innovative financing solutions. As the innovation cycles of medical technology become ever shorter, customized financing concepts such as “pay per procedure” and leasing and rental models are becoming increasingly attractive to more and more providers of medical services.
Whether you are looking to buy or are looking for a customized financing solution – just contact us.

Customized financing solutions for high-tech medical equipment.


  • Independent financing specialist not tied to banks or manufacturers
  • Medical technology is our core competency
  • Special vendor focus on financing for robotics (da Vinci), ESWL, ultrasound, endoscopy, lifter and electrosurgical technology
  • Interesting rental models including service and maintenance on request
  • Attractive leasing and financing conditions
  • Usage-based financing plans
  • Customized transparent solutions to create value by financing long-term investments and medical consumables in hospitals and healthcare centers


Selling and marketing high-quality medical products is our core competency. Working closely with our manufacturing partners we offer everything you need from your professional supplier and service provider. Our work is not limited to selling products: our global sales network offers the comprehensive support our customers want and our suppliers expect.

Technical service

100% service for complete safety in the application and value conservation of your Medical Devices – WORLDWIDE. Exclusively authorized for the service of your ESWT, MyACT and ESWL Piezosystems, we provide fast and competent service for your medical product. Located in direct proximity to our partner Richard Wolf GmbH, our service specialists have unique know-how and the competence to repair and maintain your system.
As a service center ESWL – Piezolith, our expertise ranges from installation to emergency aid for acute problems. Contact Technical Service ›